Aqua-pHix Hydro Formula

Choose Aqua-pHix™ Hydro for water and/or soil pH values over 7.3.

Nothing else on the market today will modify alkaline soils faster than Aqua-pHix™—its effect is immediate. This proprietary formulation of safe, self-buffering chelated organic and inorganic acid blend is:

  • Used in hydroseeders, golf course sprayers and fertigation to lower pH in water and/or soils
  • Specifically formulated to dissolve bicarbonates, displace sodium and assist vegetation in saline soils
  • Safe for people, animals and equipment
  • More effective, cost-efficient and easier to use than any other liquid acidifier on the market

Packaging: Two, 2.5-gal (9.5 L) jugs/case