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BSM Comparison Sheet
Proof Points

Don’t let substandard products undercut your success. See how ProGanics® Biotic Soil Media stacks up to the competition.

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West Orange Solar Farm Case Study
Case Studies

Solar farm vegetative growth exceeds expectations with boost from ProFlex™ System

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British Columbia Pipeline Case Study
Case Studies

ProMatrix™ EFM™ provides erosion control for right-of-way, exceeding environmental and safety standards.

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Hydroseeding Provides Eco-Friendly Solution on Job Sites (Stormwater: Nov 2021)

During an extension of one of the nation’s busiest railways, hydroseeding saved time and minimized labor.

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Nebraska Department of Transportation Case Study
Case Studies

The Nebraska DOT successfully revegetated 25 miles or highway shoulder thanks to ProGanics BSM.

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